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Psychotic Food
Hello everyone,

My name is Davey. I've been a fan of American Psycho for several years now. A few months ago I finished my 3rd reading of the book, and afterwards decided to go through and highlight all the dishes ordered at the various restaurants by the characters. This list is fairly complete, but it excludes drinks, Patrick's breakfast foods and the various flavours of sorbet. It also doesn't cover some smaller orders, like the opening meal with sushi, the Christmas party, and when Patrick orders a burger in the kosher restaurant during his panic attack.

-monkfish and squid ceviche with golden caviar
-gravlax potpie with green tomatillo sauce
-tapas, venison with yogurt sauce and fiddlehead ferns with mango slices
-sashimi with goat cheese
-smoked duck with endive and maple syrup.
-scallop sausage
-grilled salmon with raspberry vinegar and guacamole
-red snapper pizza (who could forget?)
-shad-roe ravioli with apple compote
-meat loaf with chevre and quail-stock sauce
-red snappe with violets and pine nuts
-peanut btter soup with smoked duck and mashed squash
-radicchio with some kind of free range squid
-monkfish ragout with violets
-cajun popcorn
-poached oysters, lotte and walnut tart
-Dried peppers in a spicy pumpkin soup
-Dried corn and jalapeno pudding
-Quail stuffed into blue corn tortillas garnished with oysters in potato skins
-Free-range rabbit with Oregon morels and herbed french fries
-Sun-dried-tomato brioche
-Poblano chilies with an oniony orange-purple marmalade on the side
-Free-range chicken with raspberry vinegar and guacamole, calf's liver with shad roe and leeks
-Marlin chili
-Quesadilla with papaya
-Watermelon-brittle tart
-Mud soup with charcoal arugula
-Lobster with caviar and peach ravioli
-Blackened lobster with strawberry sauce
-Quail sashimi with grilled brioche
-Baby soft-shell crabs with grape jelly
-Sun-dried tomatoes and golden caviar with poblano chilies
-Fresh endive soup
-Monkfish with mango slices and red snapper sandwich on brioche with maple syrup and cotton
-Cheviche with leeks and sorrel
-Endive with walnut dressing
-Squid with pine nuts with a slice of goat cheese
-Pilot fish with tulpis and cinnamon
-Mahi-mahi with ginger
-Omelets and noodles tossed with olive oil and truffles and porcini mushrooms
-Souffles with poached pears and cinnamon fruit salads
-Grilled polenta with peppered salmon
-Red beans with arrozo wrapped in romaine lettuce
-Bowls of salsa and skate poached in balsamic vinegar
-Chilled tomato soup and risottos flavoured with beets and lime and asparagus and mint
-Mache raisin and gumbo salade
-Gratinized beet, hazelnut, baby greens and endive salad
-Eggplant and goatcheese lasagna

Who's hungry!??!
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Wow, i can't believe you did that!! They never eat any of it though ha ha. I love that book, I've just got Rules of attraction and Glamorama and i'm loking forward to reading those.
I wouldn't eat most of that stuff either, I mean, mud soup??!?!

Have you read Lunar Park? I haven't, and I want to get some feed back.
I've not read it yet no, I'm still playing catch up. Just got The Rules Of Attraction and Glamorama. There must be plenty of folk around here who have though I guess.
You'll like those books if you enjoyed Ellis's style of writing in American Psycho. Not as "pornographic" as AP in terms of violence and sex, but same writing.

...and Glamorama is like an Ellis book on steroids. It feels like two or three novels in one, once you actually go through it. You'll know what I mean when you finish.